Selected Research Publications

Otis JM, Namboodiri VM, Matan AM, Voets ES, Mohorn EP, Kosyk O, McHenry JA, Robinson JE, Resendez SL, Rossi MA, Stuber GD (2017) Prefrontal cortex output circuits guide reward seeking through divergent cue encodingNature. Mar 2017. 543(7642): 103-107. PMID: 28225752

Decot HK, Namboodiri VM, Gao W, McHenry JA, Jennings JH, Lee SH, Kantak PA, Jill Kao YC, Das M, Witten IB, Deisseroth K, Shih YI,Stuber GD(2016)Coordination of brain-wide activity dynamics by dopaminergic neurons.Neuropsychopharmacology. Sep 14. doi: 10.1038/npp.2016.151.

Resendez SL, Jennings JH, Ung RL, Namboodiri VM, Zhou ZC, Otis JM, Nomura H, McHenry JA, Kosyk O, Stuber GD (2016)Visualization of cortical, subcortical and deep brain neural circuit dynamics during naturalistic mammalian behavior with head-mounted microscopes and chronically implanted lensesNature Protocols. 11(3):556-97. PMID: 26914316

Stamatakis AM, Van Swieten M, Basiri ML, Blair GA, Kantak PA, Stuber GD (2016) Lateral hypothalamic area glutamatergic neurons and their projections to the lateral habenula regulate feeding and rewardJournal of Neuroscience. 36:302-311.

Jennings JH*, Ung RL*, Resendez SL, Stamatakis AM, Taylor JG, Huang J, Veleta K, Kantak PA, Aita M, Shilling-Scrivo K, Ramakrishnan C, Deisseroth K, Otte S, Stuber GD (2015) Visualizing hypothalamic network dynamics for appetitive and consummatory behaviorsCell160:516-27 PMID: 25635459

Sparta DR, Hovelsø N, Mason AO, Kantak PA, Ung RL, Decot HK, Stuber GD (2014) Activation of prefrontal cortical parvalbumin interneurons facilitates extinction of reward-seeking behaviorJournal of Neuroscience. 34:3699-705. PMID: 24599468

Stamatakis AM, Jennings JH, Ung RL, Blair GA, Weinberg RJ, Neve RL, Boyce R, Mattis J, Ramakrishnan C, Deisseroth K, Stuber GD (2013) A unique population of ventral tegmental area neurons inhibits the lateral habenula to promote reward. Neuron. 80, 1039-53. PMID: 24267654

Jennings JH, Rizzi G, Stamatakis AM, Ung RL, Stuber GD. (2013) The inhibitory circuit architecture of the lateral hypothalamus orchestrates feedingScience. 341:1517-21.  PMID: 24072922

Jennings JH*, Sparta DR*, Stamatakis AM, Ung RL, Pleil KE, Kash TLStuber GD (2013) Distinct extended amygdala circuits for divergent motivational statesNature. 496, 224-228. PMID: 23515155

Stamatakis AM, Stuber GD (2012) Activation of lateral habenula inputs to the ventral midbrain promotes behavioral avoidanceNature Neuroscience. 15, 1105-1107. PMID: 22729176

van Zessen R, Phiilips JL, Budygin EA, Stuber GD (2012) Activation of VTA GABA neurons disrupts reward consumptionNeuron. 73, 1184–1194. PMID: 22445345

Sparta DR, Stamatakis AM, Phillips JL, Hovelsø N, van Zessen R, Stuber GD (2011) Construction of implantable optical fibers for long-term optogenetic manipulation of neural circuits.  Nature Protocols. 7,12–23. PMID: 22157972

Stuber GD, Sparta DR, Stamatakis AM, van Leeuwen W Harjoprajitno JE, Cho S, Tye KM, Kempadoo KA, Zhang F, Deisseroth K, Bonci A. (2011) Amygdala to nucleus accumbens excitatory transmission facilitates reward seeking.  Nature. 475: 377-380. PMID: 21716290


Selected Review Articles

Stuber GD, Wise RA (2016) Lateral hypothalamic circuits for feeding and rewardNature Neuroscience. 19(2):198-205. PMID: 26814589

McHenry JA, Rubinow DR, Stuber GD (2015) Maternally responsive neurons in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and medial preoptic area: Putative circuits for regulating anxiety and rewardFrontiers in Neuroendocrinology. 38:65-72. PMID: 25910426 .

Jennings, JH, Stuber GD (2014) Contemporary tools for resolving the functional activity and connectivity within intact neural circuitsCurrent Biology.24(1):41-50.   PMID: 24405680

Stamatakis AM, Sparta DR, Jennings JH, McElligott ZA, Decot H, Stuber GD. (2013) Amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis circuitry: Implications for addiction-related behaviors.  NeuropharmacologyPMID: 23752096

Sparta DR, Jennings JH, Ung RL, Stuber GD (2013) Optogenetic strategies to investigate neural circuitry engaged by stress.Behavioral Brain Research. 255:19-25.  PMID: 23684554

Stuber GD, Mason AO (2013) Integrating optogenetic and pharmacological approaches to study neural circuit function: current applications and future directionsPharmacological Reviews. 10, (1): 156-170. PMID: 23319548. PMID: 23319548

Stuber GD, Britt JP, Bonci A. (2012) Optogenetic modulation of neural circuits that underlie reward seekingBiological Psychiatry. 71(12):1061-7. PMID: 22196983


Selected Commentaries and Editorials

Stuber GD, Stamatakis AM, Kantak PA (2015) Considerations when using cre-driver rodent lines for studying ventral tegmental area circuitryNeuron. 85:439-45 PMID: 25611514

Sparta DR, Stuber GD (2014) Cartography of serotonergic circuitsNeuron83(3): 513-5.  PMID: 25102556

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